Enjoy the confidence that comes with a straight, healthy smile with the help of Invisalign. Dr. Creisher is here to help you achieve your best smile with advanced dental services, including the popular Invisalign brand of clear aligners. You can have the smile you always wanted without the need for uncomfortable, embarrassing metal braces. It all starts by coming to a complimentary consultations at our convenient and comfortable location in Wells, ME.


What makes Invisalign orthodontics different from metal braces?


Invisalign has changed the world of orthodontics. Metal braces were once the only option for straightening teeth for both health and aesthetic purposes. Many teens and adults spent years in metal brackets and wires, needing constant adjustments and visits to their orthodontist or dentist. Certain foods were off limit due to the difficulty in removing them from between the brackets and wires; plus, oral hygiene could be a challenge. The experience was uncomfortable and inconvenient, and the mouth full of metal could be embarrassing, especially for adults. Invisalign can be worn to work and social events. Since they are clear you won’t be able to see them in photos and most people don’t even notice you are wearing them. You can take the trays in and out so you can eat whatever you want during treatment including nuts, gum, and other foods off limits with traditional braces.


How do they straighten my teeth?


With Invisalign, many of these issues are in the past. No brackets or wires that need adjustments or bands that need replacement. These clear plastic aligners fit comfortably over your teeth and gently begin moving them toward your perfect smile. There are less trips to our office for our patients with Invisalign orthodontics than traditional braces. New aligners are issued every few weeks with quick assessments of the progress. The treatment is much less time consuming, but that is just the beginning of the benefits.


Why choose Dr. Creisher for my Invisalign dentist?


Dr. Creisher offers the best dental treatments for her patients. Her goal is to ensure that patients have access to the latest dental treatments for optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. She offers Invisalign and many other dental options to give patients as many choices as possible to fit their lifestyle and budget. You will enjoy the ambiance when you visit our office with many amenities to make you feel at home, including internet access and a beverage bar and much more. Contact Dr. Creisher today to schedule your consultation with her experienced dental team and learn more about Invisalign and other orthodontic and dental treatments. We accept many insurance plans and have financing options to fit almost anyone’s budget.

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